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Things you love are Made with Code

I was reading the blog posted by Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube recently prompted me to write my own comment about her blog.

I totally agreed that we need to bring more awareness for girls to get into coding but I think this should be expanded beyond gender line.

I think coding should be embed in the school curriculum from first grade by introducing each child to a computer, expose each child to how a program works or what makes the things we have in our everyday life.


Let’s face is a child can play with what he or she should know without knowing that he or she is learning about it, he or she becomes the expert of that.

As we know Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was thought music as child and as result, he became a music legend. The same was for Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson revealed that he never had the time to play as other normal children did. As we know Michael Jackson was the best musician of our time.

We see Serena William and her sister as the greatest tennis pro in America. As we know it, their father exposed them to tennis play as children.

If the fed can incorporate coding as part of the school curriculum for our children as early as from the first grade to the twelve grade, we will see that we have raised talented children ready to excel in whatever field they choose to specialized in their lives.

My  advice to hard working guys like you, Chelsea Clinton, Girls Inc., Girl Scouts of the USA, Mindy Kaling, MIT Media Lab, National Center for Women & Information Technology, SevenTeen, TechCrunch, Google and others must instead launch an all-America Made with Code an initiative to inspire our children across America to code.

Our inner city children are craving for such initiative. Most of our children are turning to gang banging or rapping because they lack such approach to excel in our communities.

All children are smart and creative, it is up to us to guide and nourish them to become the leaders of today as we all dream.


This post is a comment to the blog on http://googleblog.blogspot.com.tr/2014/06/things-you-love-are-made-with-code.html