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Facebook + WhatsApp: Will You Let Yourself To Be Spied?

Reading the blog posted by Marvin Lex title, “Facebook + WhatsApp: will you let yourself be spied??”

First of all I strong contest the notion that Facebook has over 1.2 billion active users. Do you mean to say you have 1.2 people are using the internet??? Completely false!

Facebook is mostly used by children and people who I called depressed people.

Facebook is the wikelead of innocent private people.

I believe that every single information posted on Facebook or similar social media websites are going to a third party.

Basically registering on Facebook or similar website is a suicide to one’s privacy.


I think WhatsApp is a great communication tool, quite useful for our today’s world.

However each and every text your send is being stored on a server and is retrievable anytime as according the choice and pleasure of the WhatsApp owners.

Most famous people do not use the internet, or mobile phone.

The world is turning into a police state as we see it. Gadgets or mobile phones like Samsung or iphone are all spying device for a third party. The fact that our phones can be tracked at any time and place means goodbye privacy. We are buying phones to actually surrender the freedom we so cherish or craved.

The fact that when you buy any of the so called mobile phones nowadays, you have to register before you are able to use it means that you are surrendering your private information to a third party without knowing.

Basically all conversations over mobile phones, VOIP phones, and land line phones are automatically recorded using servers. Whatever you speak over the phone is being recorded automatically. Even remote countries in Africa or elsewhere are all recording each and every conversation over the telephone.

We are long gone from the days of privacy. We have no more privacy. We are all walking naked to a third party eye….. They can see us as they scan us at airports.

The sad thing about all this is that we are paying to be spied upon by a third eye.

Our hard earn money is now our biggest enemy. Our desires and wants are our worst nightmare.


The above blog is a response to the posting on http://lifestyle9.com/facebook-whatsapp-will-you-let-yourself-spied/