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The difference between GoDaddy, the Web Hosting leader and Allactionhost the common man Web Hosting provider

What is the difference between Web Hosting leader GoDaddy and Allactionhost common man Web Hosting provider?
GoDaddy charges for web hosting while allactionhost provides free web hosting services globally no matter where your location is, Allactionhost makes web hosting affordable to all
GoDaddy's domain registration fee is just too high for today average market, while Allactionhost provides free domain name with free web hosting.
GoDaddy charges for their website builder, but Allactionhost provides absolute free website builder to individuals and companies alike in order to instantly create their own website without a technical know how . Allactionhost believes that a website is a universal right for each and every person on this earth.
Allactionhost wants each and every one to have his or her own website and at the same time every company to have its own website so web presence is available to all no matter where you are located.
Therefore decide for yourself if you want to choose GoDaddy or Allactionhost for your web hosting needs
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