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Madonna defends altered photos of MLK, Mandela

Popstar Madonna does not have to defend herself for posting altered photos of Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela at all. Madonna is the black queen!

Popstar Madonna posting of altered photos of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela to look like her own image on her new album were by no mean offensive or racist. Pop star Madonna altered photos of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela were just expression of who popstar Madonna really is.

Popstar Madonna is only white in the inside but Popstar Madonna is black than a normal black from the outside.

Popstar Madonna is in the profession of the blacks

Popstar Madonna is grateful for the sacrifices of Martin Luther King and other civil right movement icons. 

Popstar Madonna adore Nelson Mandela as her hero

Just like the black hip hop artists who have use their music to sway the young blacks to the path of self-destructions all across the world, Popstar Madonna music also sway the young people to the path of self- destructions. Here is a woman who once said that she doesn’t allow her daughter to watch her music videos but she continued to make such videos to ruin the lives of many parents without remorse.

Popstar Madonna adores black artists….. Popstar Madonna dated Michael Jackson

Popstar Madonna dated Basketball star Dennis Rodman…any woman who dates Dennis Rodman is blacker than black if you know what I mean

Popstar Madonna was dating once a young black man as according to the media once…. How can Popstar Madonna be racist that she has the thing for black men?

Popstar Madonna adopted children from Africa Malawi…. Popstar Madonna is a wonderful mother to those black children given them all the love she can… how can anyone consider Popstar Madonna to be a racist?

Yes I do agree that Popstar Madonna is a born Rebel without a cause

The only black thing Popstar Madonna is yet to do to prove she as being black is to travel to Congo, Central African Republic or any war torn Africa to join those fools pick up arms against each other as they are doing without a cause L

Popstar Madonna needs not apologize for being racist, Popstar Madonna has done more to be black than normal blacks.


This blog is inspire by http://news.yahoo.com/madonna-defends-altered-photos-mlk-mandela-051119418.html