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Which Web Host Should You Choose for Your Small Business?

i recently stumbled on the blog, “Which Web Host Should You Choose for Your Small Business?" by Jeff Hindenach of Huffington post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeff-hindenach/which-web-host-should-you_b_2932994.html


reading through his blog, I couldn’t help but question if he was being paid by companies like hostgator, yahoo, or fatcow.

in this ever competitive web hosting market, how can a journalist choose to promote several web hosting companies without first detailing their strengths and weaknesses?

while I do agree that a website is essential for a success of any small business in this time. a website a must in today's business as it is needed for marketing, to draw customers to your business, and while introducing your business to new customers. the advance of a website is that is showcase your business to the world all at once. it makes your work 24/7, 365 days a year.

a good ecommerce website is your key to success if you know how to properly promote it to attract more buyers for your products or services.

if you have a website, you need a good and reliable web hosting company to host your website.

the market is saturated with web hosting companies from all over the world. when selecting web hosting company for your website, one must carefully select a good web hosting company.

I strongly recommend that one chooses a small but reliable hosting company that offers low hosting cost as well. a small company like yourself understands your needs and requirement. a small web hosting company customer service is easily reachable 24/7 unlike the giant webhosting services providers who leave you to deal with their direct automated telephones or emails to resolve your problems. at time they leave you non answered forever. why? because they have already charged you for a one time one year hosting fees.

in today market there are free webhosting and paid web hosting services.

Free Web Hosting vs Paid Web Hosting:

there are companies offering reliable  free webhosting services in the industry just as those offering paid web hosting as well. however free web hosting has space restrictions or other restrictions. a free web hosting is great for hosting a simple website online.

here are some of the comparisons between free and paid web hosting:

storage: actually both free hosting and paid hosting all have space restrictions. many web hosting service providers will offer you unlimited web storage space but none can really follow through. many hosting companies will start to restrict you as you consume lots of storage space or they may strict your bandwidth.


upgrades: there is almost impossible to upgrade when you are hosting your website free with a free web hosting service provider. however, you can upgrade your website anytime when you host with a paid hosting service provider.


domain names: most free web hosting service providers do not let you use your own domain name on their servers. however they provide an easy to build website for you that you can instantly create in few minutes. you will need to use the free hosting provider's domain name attached to your own name like www.freehost/yourname

paid web hosting service providers allow you to use your own domain name to host your website on their servers. some lure you with a free domain name for the first year to include in their webhosting price, however you will have to renew your domain name in the following year by paying for it. there is no free domain name in the world. the more popular your domain name becomes, the more you pay for it with the web hosting service provider.

Ads: some free hosting service providers place ads on your website for them to generate revenues while some do not. there is a reason why free web hosting service providers provide free web hosting services. free webhosting services providers offer free webhosting services but this come with tons of restrictions as well.

paid web hosting service providers do not place ads on websites hosted on their servers.

 complete freedom is selecting paid web hosting services for your company website hosting.


support: free hosting services do provide 24/7 support services because they rely you to help promote them. free web hosting services do not provide phone support but they do reply almost every email they received. majority of the paid web hosting services providers do not answer their phones especially the very big ones. they generally do not care about their customers once they process the customers’ online payments for their services purchased. this is direct experience as I have with the so called big names in web hosting industry.

my sincere advise is that when you are looking for web hosting service for your website, you must look for a small web hosting company. a small web hosting company values each customer they have because they depend on their repeated business.  majority of the big names in the web hosting industry already have made names for themselves and rarely care about their small customers

imagine being a customer at CITI bank or Bank of America with a deposit of only $100 in your bank account. if you walk into the bank and meet with one of the bank personnel, do you think they really care about you? but if you bank with a small local union bank in your town, you are always welcome there as they treat as one of them. this is the similarity between a big web hosting provider and a small web hosting provider.


small web hosting services providers offer real low and quality hosting services that can no want be matched by the big names in the web hosting industry.


if you are looking for a webhosting services provider, you can search according to your needs and requirements.

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once your website is hosted, what do you do next?

a website online and cannot generate revenue on its own is like, a beautiful house built and not occupied.

once your website is live online, you must have it SEO for search engines promotions.

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