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Bill Cosby's 1980s Co-Star Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her, Paid College Tuition

Celebrity comedian Bill Cosby former co-star for four years, Renita Chaney Hill coming forward with allegations of potential sexual misconduct by celebrity comedian Bill Cosby is somewhat troubling.

The question is why would celebrity comedian Bill Cosby want to drug and rape women when young and beautiful women of all races in America would throw themselves at such famous celebrity like comedian Bill Cosby? Why would comedian Bill Cosby drug and sexually assault Renita Chaney Hill when thousands of gorgeous women would have been begging the comedian for sex those days?

Why would Renita Chaney Hill go to comedian Bill Cosby room at nights if she Renita Chaney Hill already experienced what she Renita Chaney Hill claimed to have experienced if she Renita Chaney Hill was actually not enjoying what she Renita Chaney Hill claimed happened?

Renita Chaney Hill why bring up something that you are not sure of? Is someone paying you bring this man down as it is normal with every leading black figure in America?

From what Renita Chaney Hill is saying, she Renita Chaney Hill enjoyed every encountered she Renita Chaney Hill had with celebrity comedian Bill Cosby.

I think Renita Chaney Hill claim is probably to fulfill a vendetta against celebrity comedian Bill Cosby.

The thing that surprises me the most is that each of these women stories are so identical that it seems to be script written by someone just to tear up celebrity comedian Bill Cosby.

How can a man knowing drug a woman get her to pass out and rape her? What fun would such a man have?

I mean why would comedian Bill Cosby want to rape these women when there must have been millions of women across America were begging for his love each and every day?

Women throw themselves at men in both Los Angeles and New York and being a famous celebrity comedian as Bill Cosby, I am sure there thousands of beautiful women throwing themselves at him Bill Cosby as those rock stars like Steven Tyler and Axel Rose were once.

Why are all the accusers white women only? Comedian Bill Cosby does not like other race of women? I think he Bill Cosby should be sue by African American women, Spanish women and Asian women for not finding them attractive enough to want them.


My opinion is that there is conspiracy against celebrity comedian Bill Cosby as it were with other famous black men in America.


This blog is inspire by https://tv.yahoo.com/news/bill-cosbys-1980s-co-star-claims-sexually-assaulted-074400620.html