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Bill Cosby controversy: A decade in the making

The continue conspiracy to finish off famous black leaders, black activists or black celebrities like Bill Cosby never end in America.

Will America ever stop pulling down the famous black leaders, black activists or black celebrities like Bill Cosby ever?

African American celebrity, Bill Cosby is one of the most successful African American celebrities that gave class and pride to being an African American family in America. Bill Cosby’s Cosby show transformed stereotype mindset of America that African Americans are really people who can aspire as the white people. It is because of the hardworking of people like the African American celebrity Bill Cosby that made it possible for the world to see America first African American President Barack Obama and his family appearing at white house of America as America first perfect family. Seeing  Barack Obama and his family walking on the lawn of America’s white house is the definitely a pride of all black people from Africa, Melanesia South America to America inspired by celebrity Bill Cosby. Yet some ignorant elements in America just cannot stomach such as they’re gravely engrossed in their hatred thoughts….

The hatred of seeing the success and aspiration of black successes like the success of African American celebrity Bill Cosby, some element in America just cannot stomach such.

We have seen how an African American civil right leader like Martin Luther King was unjustly assassinated simply to keep the black freedom movement at bay. We saw how they murdered an African America civil right advocate, Malcom X in cold blood just to kill the black people dreams of aspiration dead.


We saw how some idiots set up Marion Barry who was the Mayor of Washington DC with prostitutes and drugs just to bring him down because he is a black man as America darling celebrity Bill Cosby.

We have seen how some forces in America have tried to ruin the reputation of America civil right leader, Jesse Jackson that he fathered a child out of wedlock simply to make him a laughing stock of the black community as they are now trying to do America darling celebrity, Bill Cosby.

We all saw how America most famous celebrity Michael Jackson endured the agonizing child sexually abuse case in America simply because he was a black man and they wouldn’t let him be as they are not doing to African American celebrity Bill Cosby.

We saw how they tore apart African American famous boxer Mike Tyson apart with rape case just because some people could not stand his success as celebrity Bill Cosby.

We saw how one the pride of black people, Kofi Annan was tortured with allegations of corruptions simply some people could not see a black man at such position as Kofi Annan had.

When will the continuation of character assassinations of famous black people end in America?

Who is next? President Barack Obama?

African American Bill Cosby is now 77 years old and he needs to be left alone and I hope those trying to bring him down should consider this.


This blog is inspire by http://news.yahoo.com/bill-cosby-controversy-decade-making-230152496.html