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Africa asks: 'If Burkina can do it, why can't we?'


News that Burkina Faso's long-serving leader Blaise Compaore had been pushed out of power prompted an explosion of comments from across Africa Friday, with many citizens asking, "If they can do it, why can't we?" I wouldn’t count on it!

Having a popular African pro-democracy protest to topple sick regimes like Blaise Compaore regime in Africa Burkina Faso is easy but forming an effective government to replace the disgusted government toppled is the problem.

As we all saw, the Burkinasa Faso military stepped in immediately to claim the power for themselves reversing the dreams and aspirations of the Africa Burkina Faso pro-democracy pretesters. Yea Africa Burkina Faso managed to keep out their evil dictator Blaise Compaore but another sick minded dictator stepped in to take over killing the Africa’s Burkina Faso pro-democracy movement aspiration once and for all.

Let’s face it; Africa is still under the colonial rules of the west. Each of the African leaders must first take the blessings and approvals from Paris, London or Washington before assuming power. The so called African leader is then given a red carpet as what he can do and what he cannot do for this native African country and his citizens.  Why would the ignorant military assume power in Africa Burkina Faso if they do not have prior approval from their French slave masters? Why one of the well-educated civilian entities did not assume power? Why would the world allow a military to assume power in Africa Burkina Faso after the Burkina Faso pro-democracy protesters drove the tyrant Blaise Compaore from power? It is simple; the colonial powers do not want true democracy in Africa. They do not want Africa to have the freedom and progress they enjoy in their homelands. They colonial powers like to see Africans in the mud as usual but I think this is what the Africans themselves want.

We all saw what happened to the Africa’s Egyptian pro-democracy movement and its results. The Africa’s Egyptian pro-democracy protesters pushed out one of the most evil corrupt and disgusting leader of Africa, Hosni Mubarak who ruled Africa Egypt with iron hand and yet he was the darling democracy loving promoters Washington and London.  They support tyrant dictator Hosni Mubarak of Africa Egypt for over 30 years to do nothing but rained terror and catastrophe on his native Africa Egyptian citizens.

Africa’s Egyptian pro-democracy protesters saw their dream and aspiration for true democracy crashed when the new evil dictator military ignorant general overthrew the new Africa’s Egypt democracy while the world leaders in democracies closed their eyes as if there were no democracy going on in Africa’s Egypt. It is surprising that those who claimed that they want democracy throughout the world ignored such barbaric acts of the Africa Egypt military and rewarded them with more financial aids.

We see every day the same entities speaking about Ukraine that they want democracy for Ukraine but for Africa, they want to see only tyranny throughout the lands.


To have an inspiration for pro-democracy in Africa is possible but sustain a true democracy is far off to reach at this age as Africa is still engraved in colonial rules or colonial slavery.

To have democracy in Africa, Africa must first break from the colonialism from its colonial masters and become the right sovereign countries they want to be.


Blog inspired by:  http://news.yahoo.com/africa-asks-burkina-why-cant-172648524.html