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Is Celebrity Fragrance Dead? Paris Hilton Has the Answer


Hmm it is good to know that attention seeking Paris Hilton has a real paying profession other than seeking media attention to herself for all the wrong reasons.  




Good for Paris Hilton that she has raked in the sales of over 2 billion dollars in celebrity-fragrance worldwide. I wonder how Paris Hilton gets the time to work and plan a serious business. Is the business really belongs to Paris Hilton or someone else is using Paris Hilton brand and name to market their celebrity-fragrance?

I would think that Paris Hilton best job of the day is hanging out with her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan to create more troubles.

In a twisted surprising way, Paris Hilton has turn out to be a successful business woman after all. I wonder how Paris Hilton does it.  Who is Paris Hilton secret guide to her successful business selling billions of dollars in celebrity-fragrance?  How did Paris Hilton come to conceive such a brilliant business idea when Paris Hilton is busy calling unnecessary negatives attention to herself every day of her life?

If only Paris Hilton could become responsible as Angelina Joli but we are yet to see if Paris Hilton can someday become responsible.

Paris Hilton could actually seek media attention in positive ways as most good people are doing around the world.

Paris Hilton could become an U.N ambassador of good will for orphan rights around the world

Paris Hilton could join the USAID to help educate the poor children in Africa, South America and Asia

Paris Hilton could join the noble causes of Bill and Belinda Gates which I think is the best example for everyone who wants to do good deeds around the world.

Paris Hilton can create some sort charity organization to help educate the poor children in Africa

Paris Hilton can help raise funds to support battered women in poor ridden countries

Paris Hilton can run for governor in her home state of California

Paris Hilton can run for congress to represent her home state of California

Paris Hilton can run for president of the United States to become the first elected female president

Or better Paris Hilton should become normal and stay out of sight!

But again, Paris Hilton is Paris Hilton! There is no way Paris Hilton will stay out of sight. Paris Hilton is just dying for constant media attentions.

I am sure we will continue to see more of Paris Hilton in months and years to come.


This blog is inspired by https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/is-celebrity-fragrance-dead-ask-paris-hilton-101422995598.html