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Is Singapore Airlines slipping as the world's best airlines?


I think Singapore airlines may be slipping as the world’s best airlines as I experienced recently on one of their flights. Maybe Singapore airlines offers best services between destinations like Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo and other destinations of their choice. Maybe these particular flight attendances were overworked or they were just being themselves, strange! 

I first travelled on Singapore Airlines in 1993 from Los Angeles into Singapore via Narita airport, Tokyo.  Those days flying Singapore Airlines economy class was like flying in other carriers’ business class. Singapore Airlines was clearly my first choice of flying. Everything about Singapore Airlines was perfect those days. Singapore Airlines offered comfortable legs space then. Singapore Airlines customer service was second to none then. Singapore Airlines was the best airlines in those days in service.  Singapore Airlines treated its customers those days like king and queen. The best airlines those days were Singapore Airlines competing with Virgin Atlantic Airlines or Asian Airlines. Singapore Airlines cabin crew were always serving and helping their customers throughout the flight with the best ever smiling face. Those were the good ole days!

Recently I flew Singapore Airlines from Istanbul after a break of three years flying on Singapore Airlines. The flying time was about ten hours or so I think. The flight was very smooth, one of the best I had in a quite a long time.

 I was surprised to see that Singapore Airlines inflight service quality has decreased to almost minimal. Singapore Airlines’ economy class seating was a bit narrowed but a slightly spacious than the other blood sucking carriers in the industry. Singapore Airlines cabin crews were not as good as they used to be when I first started flying Singapore Airlines back in 1993.

When I was on the Singapore Airlines flight from Istanbul into Singapore I thought I could catch up with some of my work on my laptop but I soon realized that my laptop battery was at a minimum. When I search for charger to have my laptop charge, Singapore Airlines had no such service to my dismay. 

To quench my frustration that I could not charge my laptop to catch up with busy work, I tried to watch movies on Singapore Airlines inflight entertainment system called KrishWorld; again I was surprised to see that Singapore Airlines offered only limited movies, TV shows and other entertainments on such a long flight. The choices of movies were just too limited for such a long flight Singapore Airlines.

The movies offered by Singapore Airlines inflight entertainment system, KrishWorld were not recent Hollywood releases or good selections as offered on Singapore Airlines current competitors for the best Airlines of the year awards.

Singapore Airlines competitors such as Turkish Airlines and Qatar offer more choices of inflight entertainments with lots of movies both new releases along with old movies to entertain their customers throughout their long flights to and fro.

Singapore Airlines KrishWorld inflight entertainment does not offer much selection of fun on their flight long haul flights as I experienced on my trip from Istanbul into Singapore.

Another disappointing experience was the lack of WIFI on Singapore airlines flights. While airlines like Turkish airlines and Qatar airways are offering free inflight WIFI services to their customers, Singapore Airlines has adopt the commercial driven styles of the normal airlines to further  squeeze their customers to make more profit.

I would definitely still rate Singapore Airlines inflight cabin crew to be the best in the industry with the exception of one of the inflight cabin crew by the name of Mr. S. I Alvin.  Mr. S. I Alvin refused to help me find space for my hand bag without looking to make sure there no space. However,  Mr.  S. I Alvin was quite good later on in the flight as the other inflight cabin crews of the Singapore Airlines for duration of the flight. Singapore Airlines still holds the position as the airlines in customer services.

However, if Singapore Airlines plan to be voted as the best airlines of the year, Singapore Airlines will have to really improve it cabin seating and give it customers more their flights like airlines like Qatar airways and Turkish Airlines.

Overall, I still consider Singapore Airlines to be one of the best airlines in the industry. I consider Singapore Airlines once of my choice of airlines for travel. I think Singapore airlines have the best standard for the air travel due to its quality of service in the airlines industry.

It will be quite good if Singapore Airlines in flight crews can pay close attention to each and every one of their customers knowing that each customer is important when it comes to service. Again Singapore Airlines inflight crews, you may never know who you meet the next time your customers board of your airlines for their travels.