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Whisper CEO denies Guardian allegations that it tracks users locations

Whisper CEO knows quite well that they track users’ locations.  Whisper is not the only company doing this. Companies like facebook, twitter, google, yahoo and other all track users’ location. Google even goes further than that.

In today’s world, nations must make coding a part of school curriculum from first grade till graduation so that each and every citizen is about to code or understand coding to defend themselves. The more we depend on technology the more our freedoms are vulnerable to illegal intruders like facebook, google and whisper kinds.

Computers and mobile phones are essential for our daily lives but the both are the most enemy to our basic freedom today.

For the fact that your mobile phone comes to you with preinstalled software and how sure are you that these software do not include something that is recording and transmitting everything you do to some third party? The fact that you use the internet each day and open websites like google who track whatever text you entered in your search, how sure are you that you are protected from being spied on? Opening most websites already pick up your location and know exactly where you are and what you are doing.

Many illegal intruders are intruding our privacies day in day out via the internet and mobile phones.

Whisper CEO might as well save his breath instead lying publicly.  Whisper CEO could have defended his reason for collecting users IP as normal procedure in the industry.

Whisper CEO must know why they collect their users IP to track their locations. I wonder how Whisper CEO feels if someone track his location at all time? Why must Whisper CEO keep users IP for seven days? Why not keep users IP for 24 hours and delete thereafter?

Did Whisper CEO obtain prior approval for doing such tracking from the government? 

How will other users of whisper feel from other countries like Japan and other parts of the world?

again coding must be part of each and every man God given right to be able to code or understand coding so that he knows how to defend himself against such illegal intruders like whisper and whisper CEO.

Every nation must educate and train its citizens so that they can code software that can counter illegal intruders who snoop on their information from far abroad but again who cares when most nations love to give away their freedoms for something meaningless.


I think every freedom lover around the world should protest against companies like whisper and Whisper CEO. I strongly advise users to boycott whisper and its likes.


This blog is inspired by http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/28/whisper-ceo-denies/?ncid=rss_truncated