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George P. Bush says dad 'moving forward' on 2016


George P. Bush said that his father Jeb Bush the former governor of Florida, son of President George H.W Bush and brother of President George W Bush is moving forward on a potential 2016 White House run and it seems that he, Jeb Bush will enter the Republican field, according to his son, George P Bush. 

 It is pretty sad that George P Bush denied so smoothly that he had never thought of running for the president of America when a layman like me had already predicted over 15 years ago that he George P Bush will one day become president like his grandfather George W. H Bush and uncle, George W. Bush.

George P Bush has it all written in his stars that he will one day become a president in America as his grandfather, George W. H Bush. George P Bush has the charisma of his grandfather and I think he George P Bush can be a fair decent leader as his grandfather, George W. H Bush.

George P Bush has that presidential look in his eyes. George P Bush talks presidential. George P Bush walks presidential.

I hope George P Bush will spend lots of good times with his grandfather George W. H Bush to learn lots wisdoms from him, George W. H Bush. George W. H Bush is one of the finest presidents America had ever had. George H W Bush is far better president than the past three presidents like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

If George P Bush can learn from his grandfather, George W. H Bush, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson father of freedom, James Adams and George Washington father of democracy, he George P Bush name will be sing throughout the world.

If only we can have presidents more like Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George W. H Bush who were full of decency, fairness, men of wisdom, men who had values of being the Americans who believe in Justice and fairness.

Presidents like George W. H Bush brought class to the presidency. It was always nice watching him George W. H Bush and his family at the white house. 

I think the last best president America was blessed with was George W. H Bush.

Please George P Bush, the road the presidency is a little honesty. I am 100% sure that you had once imagined yourself in your grandfather, George W H Bush’s chair at the oval office as president of America directing the world’s affairs. I am sure that you, George P Bush have even dreamt of bring the president of America maybe once or several times in your life till today.

 It is your destiny George P Bush to be the president of America someday unless if you decide against sometimes in your life but the foundations are already laid out for you George P Bush

I think all America is watching every step of George P Bush as he walks to one day become a president that may be the president that will bring true justice to this world; An American president who will redefine the leaderships of the founding fathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the likes of them.

 All eyes are on George P Bush as he journeys to become President George P Bush of the United States one day. We should be keeping our eyes on George P Bush as he turns 42 to 50 years old to fulfill his destiny as the president of the United States.


This blog is inspired by http://news.yahoo.com/george-p-bush-says-dad-moving-forward-2016-161752223--election.html