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What you can do about Facebook tracking

I think Iphone, Samsung and other smartphones may all have tracking devices or other hidden devices that may be risk to any country’s national security.

Example who is manufacturing these kinds of smartphones?

Who is coding the software programs used on them?

I wouldn’t trust a smartphone manufactured in China simply I think the Chinese smartphones manufacturers may insert hidden software in their smartphones to track and also transmit details on the users back to China. They may use such information to monitor the activities of certain community; learn about certain community financial strength. There is much information that such smartphones may transmit back to them.

Likewise using smartphones by iphone or other smartphone manufactures may have the same consequences as mentioned above in relation to China made smartphones. The fact that owning a smartphone first requirement is that the owner must have an email account to activate the smartphone means that the owner of such smartphone has just purchased himself or herself as a slave to that smartphone company. It is like you have joined a website like Facebook but this time, you actually paid for the smartphone claiming that it belongs to you but in fact you just rendered the right to your privacy to such smartphone company and possibly your freedom as well.


I think smartphone companies are controlling our lives even though we actually buy their products. We should petition smartphone companies to give us the right to use their smartphones without entering our existing emails to activate such smartphones. We should be able to upgrade our smartphones features without entering our emails or phone numbers.

We the people must petition the smartphone manufacturers to do away with secret tracking devices and tracking software in their smartphones. We the people must petition smartphone manufacturers to provide codes, programs that are inserted in their smartphones available for sales to us. We the people must have independent third party company to double check such smartphones making sure that the smartphones are not intrusive into our privacies

China’s fear of iphone for their national security is obvious. Why don’t China do what Japan does regarding the smartphones? I visited Japan some years ago and saw that they already had smartphones before Apple or Samsung introduced their smartphones to the rest of the world. In Japan, their smartphones are made specific for Japanese networks. I don’t think any foreign intrusion is possible as I believe that the smartphones and their software are all made in Japan. I think that the only foreign intrusions possible could be via apps manufactured in foreign countries. It is very easy for companies like google, and other companies to intrude into smartphones because we use apps like google chrome, Microsoft explorer, and other browsers for the internet usage for smartphones. If Japan uses apps like google marketplace, then it is obvious that Japan too may be vulnerable to foreign intrusions on their smartphones.

In sort, I think that each country should be able to build their own smartphones for their country usage. They must be advance enough to create their own apps that can be used on their smartphones as well. Better they need to develop their own search engines to circumvent the use of search engines like google, Bing or yahoo for their internet use in their countries. Remember the more you depend on your neighbor, the more right you give your neighbor more right to intrude into your life.

Again if china is paranoid regarding the iphone usage in china, china must empower her young people to manufacturer their own custom build smartphones, educate and train your young people to create apps that will remain china’s apps for their smartphones usage. They must create programs that will constantly block foreign intrusion into their smartphones. China also must learn to keep away from intruding in others smartphones as well.


This blog was inspired by the china’s fear of iphone tracking on http://www.engadget.com/2014/07/11/china-location-ios-apple-national-security/