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What you can do about Facebook tracking

I think Facebook privacy issue is a serious matter for some of us. Tracking the users of Facebook users on the website of Facebook is one thing but tracking users smart phones and computer browsers after the users log off from their Facebook website accounts require serious action against Facebook Company.

Facebook must be able to differentiate making it users lives easier and intruding into their private lives as it Facebook website is doing outside it Facebook website.

Facebook users need to put pressure on the Facebook Company and its CEO regarding privacy issue. Facebook must be respect the privacy of its users. Facebook must stop tracking its Facebook website users after they log off from their Facebook accounts.

Facebook must again check its face book’s 9,000 word privacy policy and take concrete steps to protect it Facebook users’ privacies.

Facebook privacy took two steps forward with just one step back. These include Facebook digital tracking, and others. Facebook is involved in one of the creepiest and extremely confusing digital tracking aspect of social networking.

Facebook tracking of it face book’s website users outside Facebook network when it Facebook users surf the web and use other apps on their smartphones to target ads at them is a serious issue. This kind of tracking cannot be done just openly without inserting some sort spying scripts into ones computer or smartphone to take privacy information of the Facebook users.

Facebook is pretending to be more transparent trying to wash the ignorant public faces as usual. Facebook offering to explain to it Facebook website users they are getting every ad that they see on their Facebook accounts and that Facebook allows them to control what kind of ads they can see on their Facebook accounts is just a gimmick for ignorant users of Facebook website.

 This for sure is not acceptable to Facebook users and certainly against the hiding behind the greed of Facebook founders that Facebook was founded in order to make the lives of Facebook users easy. Facebook is emerging as another greedy wolf of wall street luring on the innocent people lives as the big bad wolf trying to lure little red riding hood.  How can one conceived a business with the intention of helping humanity but yet set to control the very lives of the same people?? Is for sure question Facebook good intention of making our world a better place, bravo Facebook!!

Is never considering Facebook to be a free service website at all. The more the most depressed among us waste their valuable time surfing on Facebook website, the more Facebook is collecting important information about our lives. What if Facebook was given billions of dollars secretly by those intruding our lives to make it even easier to intrude into our lives?

Facebook should pay its members for using it Facebook website because if facebooked made $7 per member in revenue last year as Facebook member, it is obvious that Facebook should pay its website members for their memberships. How can Facebook main business be selling marketers access to its Facebook website members without telling them who the so-called Facebook members are?? Who buys pig in the bag??

Facebook direct of ads related to it Facebook members simply means that Facebook has taking it Facebook users data and analyzed them to their marketing requirement. It means that Facebook has also tracked it Facebook users computer browsers, other apps on it Facebook members smartphones to know who they the users or members are? Facebook may even have access to its member’s banks and other valuable information of them.

There two ways to put an end to Facebook intrusions on it Facebook website and on it Facebook users computers and smartphones.

Facebook website users can choose to boycott Facebook website completely so that Facebook and its founder can be the only browser of their Facebook website.

Facebook users can file world class action lawsuits against Facebook Company in every country of the world, most importantly in the United States that Facebook website is violating it Facebook member’s privacy rights.

The fact that Facebook and it Facebook friends track Facebook users as to where the Facebook users go on the web violates Facebook users privacy in every way possible. Facebook hiding behind the curtain of tracking it Facebook website users for security reason is just the most exciting excuse is having heard.

I have said it many times and is will say it, Facebook is the private form of wikilead against it Facebook naive users. I am sure there is more to Facebook website tracking than what is known or written.

my sincere advise to any user of Facebook website is to quit Facebook and find another smaller social media website and invite your friends on that until that so called social media becomes another contaminated greedy company to prey on it users.

It is strongly discourage the use of smartphones unless if one is very careful of what information to place on it. Facebook and it cronies are for sure tracking each and every users of Facebook website. It means for the fact that Facebook is able to listen to music that one pays on his or her smartphone, means that Facebook and other entities could be snooping on our conversations which violate the very privacy of each person using smartphone.

 Unless we do not care about our privacy, all Facebook users and members should force Facebook to limit it Facebook intrusions otherwise Facebook will face class action suits around the world. Better if this does not work, Facebook members and user may eventually become wiser and quit Facebook website once and for all.

Bravo to Facebook for being the big bad wolf of Wall Street of our time.



This blog is inspired by the news clip on http://finance.yahoo.com/news/what-you-can-do-about-facebook-tracking-154254270.html