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Top 10 World's Best Countries To Live in 2014

I was reading the article from lifestyle9.com by Kevin Nicholas recently and I could not help myself but to comment with a logical construction response on our own website. In my opinion, when grading a country as  best place to live, one must first list out the top reasons conducive to its citizens both the natives and immigrants alike.

When gauging a country, we must look at the following criteria:

- freedom

- education

- environment

- economy


I hereby revisit the writer’s selections with my own comments from observations and experiences by some individuals I encountered recently as well.


No. 9: Belgium

I think the writer was either tired or had nothing much to say about Belgium. A country cannot be great simply it produces many foods and beverages.

* While I do agree that Belgium is quite diversified, I also can easily comment that this diversification is not working to the advantages of its society as a whole. most of the new immigrants are without work or living in poor living standard.  One can easily see this by driving down town in major cities like Antwerp, Brussels and other parts of Belgium.


* Free education for all! Yes I do agree that Belgium offered free education for all. My question is, is there equality in this free education?? Is it beneficial for those left out in the society? I think Belgium needs to serious integrate its complete society be become progressive as the United States.


* Belgium transport system is OK as according to an industrialized nation. The qualities of living for citizens are not equal. From what I saw, not all Belgium are satisfied.

In my opinion, I can rank Belgium according to the following:


- Freedom

Belgium lacks civil liberty as a society. There are many restrictions on its citizens (both natives and immigrants). However, I think it is better than its neighbor, The Netherlands.


- Education

While Belgium offers quality education for its citizens, I can still see inequality of living standard between the natives and immigrants. Education is supposed to enrich a nation population but there are lots of useless people in the society. This makes me to question the educational system.

- Environment:

Belgium has good environment for its population.

- Economy

The economy is good as according to an industrialized standard.


No. 8: United States

The writer is either blind or lack a proper sense of judgment when gauging the good ole USA.

Where can an immigrant from nowhere flourish to be someone as in the United States? America boast one and only country with civil liberty for its populations (both residents and visitors).

I refuse to comment on the writer's ranking of the United States because its ranking is totally unfair.


No. 7: Luxemburg:

I think the writer is blinded by richest so rank Luxemburg on its riches.

Luxemburg is a very small country. Ranking Luxemburg merely of its size, or its beautiful places is simply not accepted.

here is how I may rank Luxemburg:

- freedom:

Luxemburg enjoys minimal freedom as the rest of Western Europe. Europe is eroding to a police state day by day with very limited freedom for its citizens.

- education:

education system in this country is one of the best. however, it’s a closed up country from my observations.

- environment:

It has one of the best environments in Europe.


- economy:

Its economy is good or little better than the current industrialized counties.


No. 6: New Zealand

Again, the writer ranked New Zealand by its beauty :(

To understand New Zealand, take a flight into the country and see how you are welcome from the airport itself.

* Is New Zealand economic freedom and employment opportunities are enjoyed by its populations, both native and immigrants alike?

* Are most New Zealanders ignorant and empty as most of the Australians??


No. 5: Germany:

Wow quite impressive that a writer can rank a country for its delicious cuisines and alcohol consumptions.

* A country cannot be ranked by its high populations but rather by its characteristics

* Germany is very expensive country. it is also a closed up country in Europe.

* Germans are contrary to being warm and most welcoming nature. I think the writer visited some Turkish people in Germany and thus conclude.

if would rank Germany as follow:

- freedom:

Germany lacks civil liberty. it’s becoming more and more police state in Europe. I find living in Germany repulsive.

- education:

yes indeed Germany offer its citizen good education but again a close country where the minority hardly grow to become competitive as a local German.

- environment:

the environment is very good and one of the best in Europe.

- economy:

German economy is probably the best in Europe.


overall, Germany is a closed up country. immigrants are not given the same chance as the natives.


no. 4: Switzerland

if can’t help but to laugh when I read that Switzerland offers better life quality, trust, wealth and health. that is really interesting if one can take a survey form to each person living in Switzerland. Switzerland is almost like the Netherlands to me, “a country of never land" a land of fantasy outside and inside is totally different.

if can rank Switzerland as follow:

- freedom:

again Switzerland has no civil liberties and its populations are living with minimum rights.

- education: it offers one of the best education systems in the world.


- environment:

it provides good environment for both visitors and residents.

- economy:

of course it economy should be better as its hide most of the corrupt or dirty monies of the world.

Switzerland is the second fantasy land of Europe second to the Netherlands.


no. 3: Australia:

Australia is always lending its hands to the rest of the world??? that is interesting!

if think Australia is the contrary. most of the people in Australia and narrow minded people full of racism. they are very racist. this is apparent at the first entrance of Australia airport when people are pointy profiled.

* Australia boast of lots rare animals but the writer is yet to visit countries like Papua new guinea or brazil.


No. 2: France:

ranking a country by its classic attractions is really weird, and then why not chooses India or china??

French people are well known for the styles.... which France?? Sarkozy??

France having 6 million populations is enough to rank it as the best country??

if can rank France as follow:

- freedom:

with almost no civil liberties, the French people are overburdened with their government.

the government takes up almost their earnings :(

- education:

offers free educations to its population. yet France has huge slump with its immigrant populations in the slump with almost no opportunities. the system is a total class system with limited opportunities for the minorities.

- environment:

the environment is fair. again the slumps of France are the worst of Europe in my opinion.


- economy:

the economy is ok as according to the industrialized world.


overall, France is a nice country to visit, however I wouldn’t live there if I was given it to rule.

there are few countries in Europe that I won’t choose for a home; Holland, France and Germany.



Top 7 World’s Best Countries To Live In 2014


no. 1: United States:

There is no doubt America is the number 1 best country to live in.

1. America boasts civil liberties for its citizens and visitors. you will only understand this if you visit Europe or other countries around the world. because of this simple freedom Americans take for granted makes America the heaven of the earth.

2. freedom of speech that emerita enjoyed until part of it was eroded recently. for the fact that Americans are able to express themselves freely, this makes America the best creative country in the world.

3. equality for all.

America is the only country that an immigrant from nowhere can come and flourish. there are countless of such stories in America as we can see.

equal opportunity:

all Americans enjoy equal opportunity regardless of race or gender.


no. 2: Hong Kong

Hong Kong may not have the kind of civil liberties the American enjoyed but is much free than many parts of the world.

freedom of speech is also enjoy by Hong Kong citizens

equality for all. though Hong Kong has fewer immigrants but its immigrants enjoy the same equality as Hong Kong natives

Hong Kong offers opportunities for all to flourish irrespective of race or ethnicity.

its offers one the best social services and educations to its citizens.


no. 3: Japan

japan is the land of perfection.

japan is this way because it is a closed up country. it does not encourage immigration in fear that their rich culture by may be tarnished.

japan offers great opportunities to its populations and it’s an envy of the world for this.



no. 4 Turkey

one can never visit turkey and not miss the Turkish hospitality. it is a great place to live as the people are very nice.

unlike other European countries, I think it offers much freedom than those other countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands where minorities are basically oppressed and suppressed by the police.

turkey offers opportunities to its populations

the Turkish economy is probably the best in Europe at this time with the rest of Europe in dire crisis.

Turkish environment is very good and offers promising progress. like china, turkey is growing strong day by day.


no. 5 China

why did china make it into this list??

china is chosen for the economic opportunities given to its masses. within the span of 20 years we have seen how many Chinese have made the list of millionaires.

while Europeans are terrifying their citizens with the police, Chinese are busy given open opportunities to their citizens to flourish thus making china the strongest economy in the world at the moment.

the fact is china does offer good opportunities for its populations

china is the only country that when I enter and I feel that I am not being watched or listened to.  I think is much free than the so called advance countries like the oak, bigot Holland, Germany or France.


no. 6: Norway

Norway is the envy of the world when it comes to clean governing.

not only that normal has made transparency of governing their hallmark, the rest of the world can learn from them that a government is actually accountable to its citizens.

Norway is a spectacular country to live!

if think Norway is the best country in all Europe.


no. 7: Singapore

even though I call it republic of paranoia, I must credit Singapore with its raking.

Singapore offers its citizen and resident an opportunity to own a home. it offers free education for its citizens. the environment is well classic for its citizens.

many governments of the world can learn from Singapore if they really want to take good care of their citizen.





This blog was inspired by the blog on top 10 best countries at http://lifestyle9.com/worlds-best-country-to-live-in-2013/11/