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Beyonce & Jay Z Split Reportedly Imminent Due To Rihanna Affair

Its nothing new in the entertainment industry. Desire rule than being human. The thought of jay z running after Rihanna and dissing Beyoncé makes me laugh……

What does Rihanna has that Beyoncé doesn’t have?? More pots or more junkies????

Beyoncé is a first class woman compares to Rihanna who celebrate being a drug user or bad influence to the young generation. To be honest I look down on Rihanna and actions in the public. She has a bad influence on the young girls.

If is it true that jay z has dissed his wife for such a person, then I really pity him because he won’t have ten percent of what Beyoncé offers compare to Rihanna.

I do not know two women personally but from what I have seen on TV or their videos, Beyoncé is for sure a queen over Rihanna and I would say Rihanna is junky promoting pots.

Again if the rumor is true, then all hat off jay z. I heard people excelling but this going down the drain. What can he possibly learn from Rihanna?? Promote more pots as she has done in her video???


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