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Google Founder: People Shouldn't Have to Work So Much

I find it hypocritical from google co-founder that people should not work so hard.

I guess they worked part time when they started the company from their garage.

I guess they work part time each day that they have to meet the expectations of their Wall Street wolves.

I guess their only selling hot selling product, AdSense were done during their normal working hours contrary to it being done as their afterhours project as they bragged to the world.

I guess they do not apply pressure to their employees to meet their ever high deadlines.

I guess they let machines and robots do all their work.

Oh I forgot they allow their employees to work only part time basis while paying them on full time salaries.

I guess their share price is too high to them and they want to reduce that so the average normal person can afford. Better. Because they care about the world so much, they prefer to make their company a non profit organization pumping their profits to Africa and other parts of the poor world so they do not have to work.

It’s simple; if anyone wants to be successful, he or she must be able to work hard putting in long hours to get to where he or she wants to go. Unless if one is Mr. prince Charles or Dubai price then you need not work to be successful.

According to science work is done when a force is exerted on an object and it is moved by it.

If someone truly loves their work, they will only find it fun and have no zero room for mistake or there is a mistake then it’s a genuine mistake as mistakes make us wiser or more experienced.

I wish google co-founder can wake up from his new virtual dream and realize that success only comes after hard work as he once did if he forgot.

This comment is in response to the information posted on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6G6XoqobOk