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Reading web hosting review, I wonder why they select only a handful of web hosting services companies for their 2014 web hosting services review.

I wonder if web hosting review received cash payment for such selection or what is web hosting review if web hosting services providers based on?

I suppose they must have their criteria for reviews of web hosting services companies when you have over 10,000 web hosting services providers around the world.

Are the webhosting companies fairly selected for their web hosting services? Before we go further we must first ask, “What is web hosting service?”

We hosting is allowing individual or company to publish or allow their website to be accessible via the World Wide Web or the internet. Why would someone need a webhosting service? Web hosting service is needed when an individual or company wish to publish important information regarding themselves or their activities online. This prompts the individual or company to create a website. A website provides information you want the general public to learn about you or your company. Once this information is compiled and ready, then a web hosting service provider is needed to make the content visible online 24/7 nonstop and accessible to every corner of the world.

Selecting the best web hosting company for your website:

First of all the rule of sale is that customer does not buy the product, but instead buys the salesman.

When selecting a good web hosting service for your website, one must closely select a web host service provider based on the following criteria:

·         Price for Web Hosting Service:

We hosting cost is getting higher and higher day by day when it should be the opposite. Therefore when looking for a web hosting service provider, you must consider the price seriously.  The cheaper you select a web hosting service, the better it is for you if you are hosting your website for the first time. As a matter of fact some web hosting companies are offering free web hosting basic service to their customers.  I think free web hosting is recommended for students or people who want to start a small business and have limited budget to do so.


·         Customer support Web Hosting Service:

A good and reliable web host company is needed to host your website online with 99% uptime time and they are always ready to provide excellent customer technical support web hosting services to their valuable customers. A good web hosting Service Company must have an excellent customer service team in place 24/7 ready to provide round the clock uninterrupted technical and customer service supports to its customers at any time.


·         Quality Web Hosting Services:

Web hosting is quite simple and at the same time can be complex for a layman. It is very easy to host a simple website. Some websites are quite complex to host, therefore a quality hosting service is necessary to be able run your website online without a problem. Quality web hosting services providers give their customers “money back guarantee” policy in order to give their customers the security of doing with business with them. A good web hosting company provides database and other complex scripts to their customers for their web hosting needs. A quality web hosting service is always ready to support its customer in whatever way possible to make sure that their website is working to their satisfaction.


·         Size of a Web Hosting Company:

When selecting a web hosting company, it is necessary to check the size of the company. Most big web hosting services providers do not support their small customers who spend around $100 with them per year because such customers are not valuable in their eyes. Such customers do not spend over $1000 with them each month so such customers are nobody. Unlike a small web hosting service provider, each small customer is considered a gold. Small web hosting service provider depends on small customers for their business growth. Small web hosting service provider always provides nonstop web hosting customer services to its small customers around the clock making sure that the small customers are always happy with them for their web hosting service.


Here are some of the web hosting companies and their web hosting service prices for comparison:

Web hosting service provider

Web hosting price

Allactionhost web hosting price

Customer support web hosting

Ipage web hosting

$1.99 month web hosting

Free web hosting for one year

24/7 web host support

Just host hosting

$2.25 monthly web host

One month web host

Round the clock web hosting customer support

Go daddy web host

$4.99 month web host

One year free webhost

24/7 technical web hosting support

Arvixe hosting

$4.00 a month webhosting

1 year free web host service

Web hosting customer service 24/7

Midphase web hosting

$7.99 month web hosting

$1 month web hosting

Web hosting technical support 24/7

Hostgator hosting

$3.96 month website hosting

$1.00 a month website host

24/7 website host technical support

An hosting web hosting

$3.95 web hosting a month

Free web hosting for one year

Nonstop web hosting technical support

Network solutions web hosting

$3.99 monthly webhosting

Free one year web hosting service

365 days a year phone customer service support

Globat wehosting

$4.44 web hosting a month

Web hosting for 1 year free

Website hosting customer support

West host webhosting

$4.00 monthly website hosting

Free one year PHP website hosting

Cpanel webhost free support 24/7

Fatcow web hosting

$3.15 month hosting website

Free one year website host

Free customer service in web hosting

Blue host web hosting

$4.95 a month for hosting website

Free one year php website hosting

Webhost technical support 24/7

Green geeks hostings

$3.96 a month webhost

Web host for one yr free

Free web hosting technical team

Lunar pages web hosting

$8.95 a month webhost

Free web hosting for first time customers

Free web hosting customer support

My hosting web hosting

$4.95 web hosting a mth

12 months free web hosting

24/7 webhost customer service

Do easy web hosting

$4.95 month website host

365 days free webhost

24/7 customer webhosting support by chat

Host rocket webhosting

$5.99 web hosting a month

Free web hosting for 365 days a year

365 days a year technical webhost supporting

Dream host web host

$8.95 web hosting monthly

Free web host for one year

Free technical webhosting support

Host monster webhost

$4.95 webhost a month

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