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Yum, McDonald's apologize as new China food scandal hits

Apologies are not going to cut it.  McDonald, yum and OSI group should be penalized. I am 100% convinced that OSI group knew of the wrong doing. Previous inspectors may have also known of the incident. There is no way that an employee wants to make their boss richer by doing such thing without the boss’s instruction. Employees are mostly robots who are directed at each and every task given to them. 99% of them do not take initiative to get the job done. It is for sure strange that the employees will find it meaningful to pick fallen meat or chicken from the floor and add to the cleaned products being processed on their own without some sort green light from the boss who makes the most of the money. Therefore it is for sure that OSI group boss knew what was going and wanted it that way.

As for McDonald, they should have had a 24/7 inspection team in place; 25/7 video recording and monitoring in place known the horror stories we are getting from china regarding the food safety.

Therefore the apologies of both McDonald and OSI is not acceptable. They should be penalized with heavy fines and possible lawsuits for damages. The CEO of both companies should be fired.

Their licenses should be suspended and put out of business once and for all. This will be a lesson to the other fast food companies.

Furthermore, I do believe that the Chinese food inspectors were also into it. They must know what has been happening for all these time. They must have been lenient in their inspections or careless whatever may have been taking place. Were the inspectors bought off? The inspectors should all be fired and replaced.

McDonald and other fast companies should implement the following at all meat and chicken processing plants around the world.

-          24/7 online video recording focusing on the production lines, storage, temperature leaving nothing hidden to the cameras.

-          24/7 of their own inspection staffs monitoring every second of the production from the time the animals are killed till to the time they are loaded in the reefer containers for deliveries.

-          Must implement strict rules on their food quality even if it means that that increase their prices a little but the products must be safe.

The governments must implement similar measures as to have tracking videos on sites; have their own inspection teams in place monitoring every aspect of the inspection at each and every plant.


As for me, I won’t be eating McDonald fast food anytime soon because each time I think of what has been in the news, I want to puke. I cannot stomach how evil and greedy they have been.

If the governments are not able to punish them, I suggest that the general public boycott their products once and for all.

this article was inspired by the news: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/yum-mcdonalds-apologise-china-food-035348052.html