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China Internet population reaches 632 mn

Reading that china internet population has reached 632 million, I can’t help but wonder if this statement is true or not.

The first question comes to mind is what is the population of china? According to the census, china population is 1.3 billion people. If china internet population has reached 632 million people, I can’t help but to ask myself these questions:

-          How many Chinese are educated enough to use the internet?

-          How many Chinese are between 60 years old and above?

-          How many Chinese are between 16 to 59 years of age?

-          How many percent of Chinese are working?

-          How many Chinese actually have internet registered to their names?

-          How many Chinese are students using the internet?

-          How many Chinese actually use the internet daily and how often?

-          Why do most Chinese use the internet?

-          Where do most of the Chinese use the internet? From the internet café or their mobile?

-          Is internet speed in china fast or slow??

-          Is internet in china affordable or expensive

-          Is the internet considered a luxury in china??

-          How many people in china own computer in their homes?

-          How many people in china own gadget phone that uses the internet?

-          How often Chinese people use the internet on their phones and why??

-          How many internet service providers are there in china?

-          What is the minimum internet speed in china?

-          What is the maximum internet speed in china?

-          Is the internet mostly using for business in china or for personal use?

-          How many hours a day does Chinese population stay in the internet?

-          What is the most frequent site in china?


There are many such questions need to be answered if one is to believe this story. Example if the internet population is 632 million, which leaves china with 500 million plus not using the internet. I am sure you must have 300 plus million as little children and another 300 million plus as senior citizen.

If you actually add up the calculation, there is no way that china internet population can reach 632 right now. After all, how many Chinese do have computers at their home?? As far as I know many Chinese people use the internet at the internet cafés for their internet usages.

Most people who use the internet in china are young people. Majority of the internet users in china use internet for listening to music; watching movies and playing computer games.  Most young Chinese girls also use the internet seeking suitable suitors from the west.

Internet usages depend on internet accessibility and its freedom of usage.

The internet is considered a luxury in many parts of the world so the speed is slow and accessed is highly monitored.

According to the experts, the internet is highly controlled and monitored in china.

Internet service is normally expensive to the normal Chinese population.

Internet is normally monopolized in china with only two to three internet service providers.

China can become the world number one internet population if they can provide free internet services all across their major cities, schools and libraries.

China be increase it internet population by educating the senior population about the importance of the internet.

China can easily become the top internet population if it stops restricting the internet usages in many parts of china.

The more liberal and affordable the internet, the more the internet population increases.

This article regarding china internet population is a comment taking from the url http://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-internet-population-reaches-632-mn-104128274--finance.html


This article is inspired by allactionhost great interest for the internet usage in china. China being the most populated country in the world with about 1.3 billion population, if china could liberalize the internet usage and makes it affordable to their general population of china or if china can provide free internet service to each and every one in china, this may help china to have better competitive advantage over the rest of the world.

The internet has become the most powerful communication tool in the modern world with new innovative approach coming almost daily to make our lives more and easier. China being one fourth of the world population, it internet usage is extremely vital to the rest of the world. The more china uses the internet the rest of the world will follow to use the internet.