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Brazil vs Germany, World Cup 2014: as it happened

I was reading the news clip on Brazil and Germany 2014 world cup match on the Telegraph website but couldn’t help myself but to write a comment.

No doubt Brazil is my favorite team followed by Germany. I like to only watch these two teams always. When I found out that Brazil would ply Germany in 2014 world cup, I thought for sure that Germany was eliminated. I never dreamt in a million years that Germany would defeat Brazil with a stunning 7-1 victory.

 I never get to watch the match anyway so I could not join the humiliation or sadness faced by Brazilian fans around the world.

At first it was all a joke reading about results and seeing Brazil team and fans in tears. I told myself maybe it is fair because Brazil had the Colombian team mates and their fans crying few days ago. I remembered seeing the Chilean team and their fans in tears too which brought me to my knees as well. My heart was for Chile all along as I saw them as the favorite of the competition.


I was in complete disbelief of the stunning defeat given to my favorite team especially a seven goal is impossible for the best team of the world. It is impossible for the team of the food country of the world. It is impossible for any team to defeat the team of the greatest football legend Pele. It is just impossible to humiliate Brazil in such a fashion.

I had to do research as to why Brazil was defeated. I went to study the match statistic to really imagine what happened and why.

According the statistic of the game Brazil had 18 shots compared to 14 for Germany. Brazil has 61.5% Shots accuracy while Germany had 83%. This alone does not warrant the fact that Brazil could lost the game so irresponsibly.

According to my calculation, Brazil actually dominated the game and at least warranted a draw rather than a stunning humiliating defeat.

However, this brings us to a conspiracy theory as to why Brazil lost the game to this unforgettable defeat….

On thing comes to mind…………. China and Malaysia illegal football betting and football match fixings of the world capitals.

Could it be that  a very rich Chinese man had a bet with his friend for fun and decided to drop ten million dollars into the personal account of the Brazilian goal keeper to buy him that he ignore the Germans shots at him??

Could it be that the Brazilian defender and the goalie were paid off by the illegal Chinese football games fixtures to make Brazil loss the match with a stunning humiliating loss so that they the illegal game fixtures could rick in a huge profit as people would bet 99% to 1 in favor of Brazil against Germany??


What if the entire Brazilian squad was off with 100 million U.S dollars to lost the game?? I do not think that the German team was that good to give such a stunning victory against the world best team on earth.


One thing for sure, the humiliation was just too much to bear not only for Brazil the host of the 2014 world cup but for the rest of the world as well.


This posting is in response to the news clip posted on telegraph website at  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/world-cup/10951334/Brazil-vs-Germany-World-Cup-2014-as-it-happened.html




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