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Google Co-Founder Says People Shouldn't Have to Work So Much

The notion that no one should work as hard coming from google co-founder is repulsive. I guess they were playing in their garage when they started google or their staffs are playing all day and not working.

A comment like this is really disturbing coming from the lips of a successful public figure like google co-founder. This kind of statement is misleading for the young generation of the world.

On the business front, I wont do business with the individual who says such. I stand by my analyzation of this company as day one.

We are yet to see a tangible product of this company that we can touch and feel with our hands and at same time really useful for the future of the world.

Manufacturing a car that needs no driver will only plunge us into more chaos than good. We use GPS, its an amazing invention but there times that this device mislead it user. I have countless experience with it driving in many parts of the world. Of course I am more than grateful that we have such an invention out there today to make our world a better world.

The fact that companies like google is considered one of the leading or successful companies of the world indicate that our generation is a failure. Any wise who study the internet revolution is will take Microsoft over google anytime, why???

Microsoft has tangible products that we can touch and feel and it also have a mighty search engine paralleled to Google’s that google is bragging about.

Imagine a world plunge chaos of war, or natural disaster, God forbid.  Will there be search engines to use?? I am sure we will continue to computers and use them as Microsoft is providing and continues to.

Microsoft generations are a much better generations than ours. We are a bunch spoiled brats trying to get everything handled to us a silver plates. We are continuing this decline day in and day out dragging our children down with us.

I wish google founders will grow up and face the reality of life that we need better products than making such irresponsible statements in the news to discourage our children from learning to be responsible.

America was built by hard working men and women who worked countless hours to provide the comfort that all America is reaping today including the one who make this irresponsible comment.


This blog is a response to a news report by alyssa newcomb on abc http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/google-founder-people-work/story?id=24450043