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2016-12-24The difference between GoDaddy, the Web Hosting leader and Allactionhost the common man Web Hosting provider

What is the difference between Web Hosting leader GoDaddy and Allactionhost common man Web Hosting provider?
GoDaddy charges for web hosting while allactionhost provides free web hosting services globally no matter where your location is, Allactionhost makes web hosting affordable to all
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2015-03-19Lupita Nyong wored a $150,000 gown to the Oscar

The Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’s $150,000 Oscar gown was beyond the limit. The Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong being an African descent herself should have thought that 90% Africa live in poverty and that she, the Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong wearing of a $150,000 gown for OscRead More

2015-01-08Madonna defends altered photos of MLK, Mandela

Popstar Madonna does not have to defend herself for posting altered photos of Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela at all. Madonna is the black queen!

Popstar Madonna posting of altered photos of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela to look like heRead More

2015-01-28America's favorite Celebrity Kim Kardashian: Celebrity of the year 2014, Kim Kardashian

America's favorite reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian is the celebrity of the year 2014. 

2014 has been a wonderful year for celebrity Kim Kardashian in every way a celebrity can dream of. Kim Kardashian was the center of Yahoo news everyday of 20Read More

2015-01-28Rush Limbaugh Says Idris Elba Can't Play James Bond Because He's Black and Then Admits He's Racist

Rush Limbaugh said that James Bond is white and Scottish and the suggestion that the next James Bond should be played by a black Briton instead of a white from Scotland is not the real James Bond. 

James Bond character is universal and can be playeRead More

2014-11-29Bill Cosby's 1980s Co-Star Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her, Paid College Tuition

Celebrity comedian Bill Cosby former co-star for four years, Renita Chaney Hill coming forward with allegations of potential sexual misconduct by celebrity comedian Bill Cosby is somewhat troubling.

The question is why would celebrity comedian Bill CosbRead More

2014-12-01Rudy Giuliani defends himself against racism charges

All hail to Former New York City Mayor Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani, who saved the lives of black people in New York City during his tenure as mayor of New York City!

While serving as mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001, Read More

2014-11-24Bill Cosby controversy: A decade in the making

The continue conspiracy to finish off famous black leaders, black activists or black celebrities like Bill Cosby never end in America.

Will America ever stop pulling down the famous black leaders, black activists or black celebrities like Bill Cosby eveRead More

2014-11-11Africa asks: 'If Burkina can do it, why can't we?'


News that Burkina Faso's long-serving leader Blaise Compaore had been pushed out of power prompted an explosion of comments from across Africa Friday, with many citizens asking, "If they can do it, why can't we?" I wouldn’t count on it!

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2014-11-01Is Celebrity Fragrance Dead? Paris Hilton Has the Answer


Hmm it is good to know that attention seeking Paris Hilton has a real paying profession other than seeking media attention to herself for all the wrong reasons.  



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2014-11-01How the Hong Kong Protests Divide Its Stars


While freedom is every person God given right on earth, my heart and soul is with the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters. Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters have every right to aspire for their own determination to elect their political leaders to goverRead More

2014-10-29Could more have been done for Thomas Eric Duncan?

Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who became the first diagnosed case of Ebola in the United States was reckless, selfish and irresponsible.

Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who became the first diagnosed case of Ebola in the United States knew quite welRead More

2014-10-29Whisper CEO denies Guardian allegations that it tracks users locations

Whisper CEO knows quite well that they track users’ locations.  Whisper is not the only company doing this. Companies like facebook, twitter, google, yahoo and other all track users’ location. Google even goes further than that.

In todaRead More

2015-01-28George P. Bush says dad 'moving forward' on 2016


George P. Bush said that his father Jeb Bush the former governor of Florida, son of President George H.W Bush and brother of President George W Bush is moving forward on a potential 2016 White House run and it seems that he, Jeb Bush will enter tRead More

2015-01-28George P. Bush says dad 'moving forward' on 2016


George P. Bush said that his father Jeb Bush the former governor of Florida, son of President George H.W Bush and brother of President George W Bush is moving forward on a potential 2016 White House run and it seems that he, Jeb Bush will enter tRead More

2015-01-08White Ohio woman sues over sperm from black donor

A white woman from the state of Ohio in the United States has sued a Chicago, Illinois base sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a black man instead of she and her partner’s intended white man.

 Face it Ohio woman who beRead More

2014-10-03Duke & Duchess of Cambridge taking legal action against photographer

With all due respect to the Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Catherine should allow the public to enjoy the growing of their future King little Prince George.

The Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, PRead More

2014-10-03The Hong Kong Leader's Daughter Bragged About Her Fabulous Taxpayer-Funded Life On Social Media

I am no fan of Hong Kong’s leader CY Leung, but I must rush to the defend of his ignorant little daughter, Chai Yan Leung, who is completely ignorant of politics or the current situation surrounding her father, the Hong Kong’s leader CY Leung against his fellow Hong Read More

2014-10-06Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God

The article published by Chris, Matyszczyk, “ Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God” is simply a joke.

To publish a saying of Stephen Hawking is simply a joke. I think Stephen Hawking is angry within himself and he is boiling inside his mind constantly. Stephen HawkiRead More

2015-01-01My Letter To Erdogan, AKA Turkey's Autocratic Leader

Oh Gulsah Tufekci the freelance journalist for Huffington Post, you have done it again.. Bravo!! You are certainly the tools for the ignorant oppositions in Turkey. Where were you dRead More

2014-08-27Kim Kardashian Fed Up With Weight Gain: 'My Hips and Butt Are Huge'

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2014-08-21What Do You Care What Other People Think?": Further Adventures of a Curious Character

One of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century, Richard Feynman possessed an unquenchable thirst for adventure and an unparalleled ability to tell the stories of his life. Read More

2014-09-04What you can do about Facebook tracking

I think Iphone, Samsung and other smartphones may all have tracking devices or other hidden devices that may be risk to any country’s national security.

Example who is manufacturing these kinds of smartphones?

Who is codiRead More

2015-01-01What you can do about Facebook tracking

I think Facebook privacy issue is a serious matter for some of us. Tracking the users of Facebook users on the website of Facebook is one thing but tracking users smart phones and computer browsers after the users log off from their Facebook website accounts require seriouRead More

2014-08-19Top 10 World's Best Countries To Live in 2014

I was reading the article from lifestyle9.com by Kevin Nicholas recently and I could not help myself but to comment with a logical construction response on our own website. In my opinion, when grading a country as  best placRead More

2014-08-27Beyonce & Jay Z Split Reportedly Imminent Due To Rihanna Affair

Its nothing new in the entertainment industry. Desire rule than being human. The thought of jay z running after Rihanna and dissing Beyoncé makes me laugh……

What does Rihanna has that Beyoncé doesn’t have?? More pots orRead More

2014-08-21Google Founder: People Shouldn't Have to Work So Much

I find it hypocritical from google co-founder that people should not work so hard.

I guess they worked part time when they started the company from their garage.

I guess they work part time each day that they have to meet the eRead More

2014-08-16How To Start A Business With Only $100 In The Bank

Starting a business with only $100 in the bank as claimed by Mr. Chris Guillebeau may be a pipe dream.

First of all how can anyone start a business with $100 in bank? To counter this claim, we must first ask ourselves the following questions:

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2014-08-19Improve your E-Commerce business with tips from an expert

To become an expert on e-commerce does not mean that I have a great website or that I am lucky to have a backup to build myself a great website. To become an expert on e-commerce means about 20 years of experience in the field of e-commerce industry.

OnRead More

2014-08-16Web Hosting Review REVIEWS AND COMPARISONS

Reading web hosting review, I wonder why they select only a handful of web hosting services companies for their 2014 web hosting services review.

I wonder if web hosting review received cash payment for such selection or what is web hosting review if weRead More

2014-08-16Yum, McDonald's apologize as new China food scandal hits

Apologies are not going to cut it.  McDonald, yum and OSI group should be penalized. I am 100% convinced that OSI group knew of the wrong doing. Previous inspectors may have also known of the incident. There is no way that an employee wants to make their boss richer by doinRead More

2014-07-16China Internet population reaches 632 mn

Reading that china internet population has reached 632 million, I can’t help but wonder if this statement is true or not.

The first question comes to mind is what is the population of china? According to the census, china population is 1.3 billionRead More

2014-08-19Brazil vs Germany, World Cup 2014: as it happened

I was reading the news clip on Brazil and Germany 2014 world cup match on the Telegraph website but couldn’t help myself but to write a comment.

No doubt Brazil is my favorite team followed by Germany. I like to only watch these two teams always. Read More

2014-08-19Google Co-Founder Says People Shouldn't Have to Work So Much

The notion that no one should work as hard coming from google co-founder is repulsive. I guess they were playing in their garage when they started google or their staffs are playing all day and not working.

A comment like this is really disturbing cominRead More

2014-07-17Chinese Men Buying Brides From Vietnam Is Getting Out Of Control

Reading this report makes my skin crawl with sadness for these young girls. However, I wonder if the writer made enough research before publishing this misery epic of Vietnamese girls being forced into marriages in China. 

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2014-07-17Things you love are Made with Code

I was reading the blog posted by Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube recently prompted me to write my own comment about her blog.

I totally agreed that we need to bring more awareness for girls to get into coding but I think this should be expanded beyond geRead More

2014-08-18Facebook + WhatsApp: Will You Let Yourself To Be Spied?

Reading the blog posted by Marvin Lex title, “Facebook + WhatsApp: will you let yourself be spied??”

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2014-08-13Which Web Host Should You Choose for Your Small Business?

i recently stumbled on the blog, “Which Web Host Should You Choose for Your Small Business?" by Jeff Hindenach of Huffington post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeff-hindenach/which-web-host-should-you_b_2932994.html<Read More