Learning Web Hosting

Web Hosting Knowledge for Starters

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the internet or the World Wide Web. A web host a company that provide web hosting space for a website on a server owned or released for us by web hosting clients, as we as providing internet connectivity, typical in a data center.

Why do I need a web hosting service?

You need a web hosting service to make your website accessible on the World Wide Web or the internet. To achieve this, you need a place to host your website and a web hosting service provider helps you make your website available online on the internet. Web hosting Service Company helps you store your files store on their web hosting server, direct traffic to your website by providing you with IP number and internet bandwidth to make your website available on the internet or World Wide Web. Web hosting company helps you keep your website running on the internet by providing you with firewall to protect your website from virus attack or files corruption in the web hosting web space server. Web hosting provide you with other services related to your website like domain name registration for your web hosting, technical support for your hosting, FTP access to your website, email service for your web hosting with many more web hosting tools to make your web hosting rewarding.

How do I build or create my website?

You can learn to create your own website by using tools online like dream waver, Microsoft front page, photo shop editor and the tools to your create a unique website according to your taste.

You can also recruit a web designer to create your dream website for you.

Allactionhost webhosting services are exclusively designed to provide you with an all-inclusive web hosting solution to help you create your own custom website in minutes. Allactionhost web hosting tools include tools that will help you create either a personal website, or family website with photo gallery, a online community website, a presentation website of your company, or an e-commerce online store website. Once you sign up for allactionhost web hosting services, you will have instant access to all the tools needed to make your website dream a reality.

What is a domain name and do I get one?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies and internet resource such as a website. Domain is a unique that you register with a web hosting company to use as your website identification name on the internet. Your visitors will find your website by entering such name. e,g, myowndomainname.com, youtube.com, yahoo.com, etc., are sample of domain name for web hosting.

At allactionhost you get a free domain name with your web hosting package. Please click here to choose your own free domain name.

Can I host an e-commerce online shopping website with Allactionhost?

Allactionhost provides perfect online shopping website hosting services that will keep your website running at all times. Allactionhost provides free shopping cart applications compatible to any of the most popular merchant account servies such as paypal, googlepay or 2checkout with shared SSL certificate for secure payments for your online ecommerce shopping website hosting.

Does Allactionhost provide free Website Builder?

Allactionhost has a website builder wizard that provides a one click access to many free website building applications depending on your requirement and needs. Allactionhost easy to use website builder wizard will guide you carefully to create the kind of website you dream of in minutes. Please click here to learn more about the Allactionhost website builder wizard now.

Why should I choose Allactionhost web hosting above others?

Allactionhost is your neighborhood friendly web hosting service provider. Allactionhost used the word neighborhood because Allactionhost fees that no matter where the customer is from; the customer satisfaction is always the first priority. If Allactionhost is about to keep you the customer satisfy and happy always, then Allactionhost will remain a vibrant we hosting service provider.

We the team of Allactionhost suggest that you try our dynamic web hosting services, and we wont let you down!