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Starting a Website

Starting a Website to meet today's requirement:

A website is almost a must in today ever challenging, ever changing competitive world. Like we need clothing and housing, it is becoming increasingly necessary day by day to own a website for one self. You need a CV or Resume website to land a classic job. If you have a hobby, you need a website to generate revenue for your hobby. If you have family, you need a family website a must if you want to maintain your family memories of the past and present. It is almost impossible to run a business without a website in today ever challenging environment.

A family website beautifies one’s family prestige to friends and colleagues. A personal website allows you to make available information that you want friends and family to learn about you. A CV or Resume website not only helps you land your favorite dream job but also boast your prestige to your new boss. Most people are heavily engrossed in their hobbies and not realizing that they can earn good hefty revenue from the same. A Hobby website can easily help you tap into the market of your hobby easily and earn you lots of revenues in no time. A business today without a website is almost a no business. Some companies earn billions of revenues simply from their websites only.

Starting a family website:

The world is ever connected today than ever and the internet website is making this even easier. We are able to upload online using a website, an instant video of a child birth to make the rest of the family far away a part of the experience. We are able to capture that first step of a child and share with relatives and friend instantly using a website. All these are done with the help of a website. A family Website allows a family to keep family past and recent activities alive. From the first glance of that special love moment between the then boy and girl to the memorable wedding ceremony; from the first honeymoon to the birth of the first child are moments worth saving. A complete family journey of life is a memory worth preserving and what else can make this more meaningful than a well-planned designed website.

Starting a Personal website:

Have you ever browse through your favorite actor or actress personal website? Have you ever browse through your favorite musician or athlete personal website? Most important people as we claimed (no offense everyone is important, it is we the people who make such important people important otherwise they are all simple folks like you and I ) all have a personal website of their own. A personal website is an image of you. A personal website is the window to you. A personal website is you in images. A personal website is you in texts. A personal website is you in words. With personal website, you can create a photo gallery for yourself and constantly update it whenever you want. With personal website you can write information about yourself like your interests, your hobby and views of whatever you believe in. with personal website you can have your own private social network that does not invade your privacy like Facebook website does. A personal website means freedom to be yourself, to show the world who you are. a personal website is your expression to the world. Build your own personal website now and express yourself. Click here to create your own personal website now.

Starting a CV or Resume website:

Times are bad. Companies are lying off. These are words people often hear nowadays. There is a global recession going or my country is going through economic recession are the common excuse in the job marketplace we hear. Every failure is an opportunity for an intelligent person. Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise if you are honest, courageous, responsible and persistent. A good footballer never get to sit idle watching the game going by because everyone knows that he is needed in the game lead the team to victory. So is every good employee in a company. We often hear people coming to job interview saying the following: I am an honest person and can do my work right, prove it in your CV or Resume website. I am a team player, prove it by showing on your CV or resume website. I am hard working person given all I have to my company, prove it on your CV or resume website. I am a discipline employee, prove it on your CV or resume website. I go extra mile when doing my job, prove it on your own CV or resume website. I won awards at my previous job, prove it in your CV or resume website. I was voted employee of the year at previous job, prove it on your CV or resume website. I received these job reference letters from my previous company, prove it on your CV or Resume website. My role and responsibilities included the following at my previous company, listed on your CV or resume website. My last drawn salary was these much, prove it on your CV or resume website. I am a well-organized person, prove it on your CV or resume website. By having a CV or resume website, you are able to land your dream job easily because you have already listed all key information regarding yourself, your job experience and references on your CV or resume website. A well-organized created CV or resume will easily work for you on its own to get potential employers to contact you for jobs without you contacting them. All this is because you have listed very useful information regarding yourself and experiences on your resume or CV website.

Starting a student website:

A student website is becoming necessary these days as requirements for attending competent schools for higher learning become more and more challenging. In some countries, children go for interview to be accepted in some nurseries or kindergartens. This means that parents must start a student websites for their little ones the moment they are born into this world. Before entering the nursery or kindergarten you can have your child ready to for the necessary procedure to enter that famous kindergarten you have falling in love with for your child by uploading your child’s school website special talent videos of your child, your child memorable photos album and other skills your child have so that the kindergarten interviewers are swept off their feet with your child’s hidden talents.

Once your child is accepted into this dream kindergarten is not the end, this is only the beginning. Each child is full of talents and brightness. Preschool live is one the most important parts of your child’s life, one that is full of special moments that can never come back again. To retain this, you must capture these beautiful moments by uploading them on your child’s school website. Some photos of a child’s life if priceless as we have seen. The photo of JFK junior under the table of his father at the oval office was priceless. JFK junior salute to his father’s coffin was priceless. Each child has such moment that the parents cherish forever. Preschool achievements of your child captured on your child school website are very good for your child’s future education and place in the society. I have seen some preschools websites and I tell you that it is the most beautiful thing to see. Seeing those innocent little ones on their school websites with their little creativities is just amazing. A child’s first alphabet written to their first number written to the first the time they are able to write their name is just unbelievable. Again every precious moment of your child’s preschool life both at home and the kindergarten are just too crucial and must be put on your child school website. By now you have captured your child preschool life along with his or her first preschool graduation on your child’s website. A child first preschool graduation is a moment worth capturing and cherishing.

Some schools in some countries again require entrance examinations and interviews for their potential primary students. Lucky for some, their school is based on their zip code so there is no such thing as interviews and competitions as to who can enter such elementary schools. Your child preschool website will help express what your child has achieved in real time.

Elementary or primary school life is full of memorable moments for both your child and yourself. Capturing the first day you accompany him to his or her first grade or primary one is such a cherishing moment worth saving on your child’s website. Your child’s journey from first grade or primary one to six grade or primary six is a very rewarding journey for both the parent and the child. Your child complete early development is full of lots joyous moments. If you can enrich your child’s life with lots of meaningful activities and educations at this early stage, you will have one the brilliant child as tomorrow’s adult. By the time the child is in the second grade, introduce him or her to his or her own school website you have been maintaining for him or her. Make child part of this maintenance so he or she can start to develop curiosity towards information technology something that should be universal given right to each citizen of the world to understand a little of. I remember my friend’s son was five years old, he couldn’t read or write at that time but he did amazing things with a computer that his parents gave him.

Encourage your child to write his or her own introduction on the about me page of your child’s website. Teach him how to update his own new photo album of his or her school website. You can correct but let your child start to be creative on his or her own for a while because he or she will be the one carry on with his or her school website soon. By the time your child is in the third grade or primary three; let him or her update his or her own school website. By the time he or she is in the fourth grade or primary four, encourage him or her to learn basic programming and website designing. By the time your child is in the six grades or primary six, he or she will be able to take full control of his or her school website. By this time your child will have his complete childhood journey on his or her own school website showing stages of his or her life since he or she was born.

Entering some secondary schools or junior high schools can be very challenging as some schools believe in selecting only the best students for their schools. Again you will find your child school website pretty handy as you may be able to decorate his or her school website with awards earned since preschool, special skills your child as learn like music, dancing, swimming, martial art, art, and many others things that may be required by the new secondary or junior high school to accept for your child.

By the time your child reaches high school or junior college, your child automatically has a compelling resume or CV ready to meet the challenge of adulthood. By the time your child graduate from the university to enter the everyday workforce, he or she has the CV or Resume website to land him or her first dream job.

Starting a hobbyist website:

Everyone is passionate about something he or she enjoys. Whatever you find yourself enjoy doing without much stress is called a hobby. Some people enjoy writing; some people enjoy fixing old bikes or automobile. Some people are crazy about programming. Some people are passionate about painting, fishing. Some people enjoy cooking, some collect stamps, some people collect old or vintage stuffs. Many people spend lots of time doing what they enjoy in their spare time without cashing in on it. A hobby can be a lucrative business to earn you extra money or even more. Many people have converted their hobbies into successful business and made billions. You too can turn your hobby into cash making machine as well.

To earn money from your hobby, you need a hobbyist website. A hobbyist website will attract potential buyers to your hobby. If your passion is cooking, you can create a cooking website that allows you to showcase your cooking and recipes. You can easily start to earn revenue from this website if you manage to have many cooking recipes and cooking lessons on your cooking website. If you are a hobbyist and want to learn how having a website may be useful for your hobby, please click here to learn more about hobbyist website.

Starting a business website:

It is nearly impossible to have a successful business today without a business website. Many business owners or business startups ignored the need for a company website thinking that having a business website is not necessary. This is the thinking the past. Most people first want to see your email address under your company domain name in order to take you serious. A company with a website is considered to be a serious company by customers and other clients wanting to do business with you. Most people first ask for your company website address before doing business with you. Your company website is your company image and presentation to your business world. A company website contains your company logo, your company introductory profile, your company activities, your company products or services; your company key contacts with address and of course your company contact form. You may want to include a company blog or your own company social media to protect your company privacy by avoiding the so-called social media websites on the internet.

Some companies are in retail business so the need for a retail shopping website known as an e-commerce website is a must. An online shopping website allows to your sell your products not only in your own neighborhood but as far the other end of the world. Example a small handicraft retailer could be located in the remote part of Timbuktu selling handicraft locally in Timbuktu. However, this handicraft retailer decided to have an online shopping website for his handcraft products. Potential buyers from remote parts of the world as far Fukuoka, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Hamburg and the rest of the world maybe buy handicraft online from this handicraft retailer base in Timbuktu e-commerce website using the internet without leaving their homes. Automatically, the world becomes the local market place for the Timbuktu, base retailer because he has an e-commerce website for this business.

Some companies are service providing companies. A service website allows you to provide services for your customers online. Online yellow pages are an example of a service website. If you have a company that provide services like a hotel business, car rental business, secretarial services business and many other services, you will need a website for your company to provide services for your customers.